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Occam’s Barbershop 009 – Overdose


Occam's Barbershop is a weekly program on DCUfm, which is podcasted here. New episodes are broadcast live from the heart of the DCU campus online at www.DCUfm.com on Thursdays from 2PM until 3PM.
This week is our first episode of the new semester. We attempt to overdose on homeopathic belladonna live on air. We of course have our regular segment Occam's Razor quiz. We also discuss Elton John's baby, the new confession iPhone app and much, much more!
It should be noted that we REALLY want YOU to take part in the weekly quiz! If you feel like giving it a shot, send us an email at TheBarbers@OccamsBarbershop.com and we will vet you for inclusion in the show! We are attempting to get our hands on a cool prize. One thing to be noted is that you will have to be free between the times of 2PM and 3PM on Thursday when we record the show. We look forward to hearing from you!
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Elton John's baby:


Confession iPhone app:


FBI investigate Scientology


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